This is set before the Pokemon League, between Pokemopolis and Bad to the Bone, I'd say. Should be a three part fic, and I must say, quite different from anything I've ever done. ^_^.

"Your Pokemon should be fine," smiled Nurse Joy, "please have a safe trip home, Ash! And oh - Misty, what a nice surprise! But didn't you just come in a few minutes ago?"

Misty stared. "What are you talking about?"

Joy blushed. "Oh sorry, it was somebody else. I forgot."

Ash ignored this byplay and scooped up his Pokeballs. He and Misty set off back to Pallet.

by Leto
Part 1 - Lucky Seven

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining, the birds were singing... wait a moment. That's no bird. That's Misty singing. And the day is one of the most dismal, grey clouds obscuring everything. I should retire from writing story introductions.

"Shut up, Misty," groaned Ash, "if you were any more off-key, you'd be in a whole other door."


"Geddit? Key? Door? Like, a lock? Hahahahaha!"

Misty sweatdropped and held one hand to her head. "That's pathetic." She resumed singing and the two continued, Ash cringing.

"I don't remember you being this bad before," said Ash finally, who preferred to walk in silence, "you taught Jigglypuff to sing."

Misty just stuck her tongue out (awkward whilest singing) and kept on.

Pikachu grinned at the two and sang along.

"Tell me why -"

"Pika pika pikaaaa chuu!"

"Tell me why -"

"Pika pika pika chu pi!"

"Tell me why -"

"Pikachu pika pi...."

"I want it that way!"

Togepi began to cry. It did not approve of Backstreet Boys. Good taste, and tasty too. ^_-. Misty blushed and tried to comfort it by singing a lullaby.

"You're all against me," groaned Ash. Misty swatted him and before long the two were fighting. But there was no real aminousity between them.

Togepi continued to cry. Usually, it was comforted by its mother's presence, but now showed no real response.

Between the trees by the side of the road, unseen to them, figures waited and eyes peered through, watching.

"It's going okay," whispered one of them.

"She almost slipped up," snapped another, "I'm not sure this is a good idea."

"Of course not. But it's not fair to disclude her."

"I guess," said a third, "I wish that stupid Togepi would shut up. In fact, I wish she would drop it or something. That's why I haven't met them for so long. I can't stand to be around that."

"Suuure that's the reason."

"Oh shut up."

Misty, Ash, Pikachu and Togepi did not notice that they were being watched. They were heading down Route 1, returning from Viridian where they had battled trainers near Viridian Gym. Ash had needed to do some last-minute training before he could finally go and fulfill his dream. There was only one more week until Pokemon League...

"This place brings back memories, huh Pikachu," said Ash, over Togepi's crying.

"Pikaa pi pika pika-ha-ha-ha!"

"Pikachu mentioned my name?" asked Misty, "what did it say about me?"

"Ohhh, nothing," said Ash hurriedly. He certainly didn't want to translate that Misty had memories here too... of Ash stealing her bike.

"Pika pika," added Pikachu, a little nervously.

"Don't be silly, Pikachu. Those Spearows couldn't possibly remember us, not that they'd be here anymore anyway."

At the exact moment he said that, the grass nearby rustled and the sound of a bird cawing split the air. Within five seconds, a huge flock of Spearows had appeared, and were staring aggressively at our party.

"Nice going, Ash," groaned Misty, taking a step backwards.

"Nice going? Good idea! Let's GET going!" Ash grabbed Misty's wrist, scooped up Pikachu in his other arm, and began to run.

"Why do things like this always happen when I'm around you?" sighed Misty, breathing heavily. Pikachu jumped backwards from Ash's shoulder and leapt towards the Spearow.

"Pikaaa.... chuuuuuu!"

Lightning flashed, an unnatural storm, and Spearows fell, one by one, twitching with paralysis.

"There's more than last time," muttered Ash, gritting his teeth. He wondered why these Spearow still had a death wish against him anyway. "Must've gotten stronger." While some had fallen, even as he spoke, some flapped weakly into the air again, and still others flew strongly.

"Squirtle! Pidgeotto! I choose you!"

Ash's three Pokemon charged together, felling many. Then, the last thing Ash wanted to hear sounded.


To avenge their younger forms, their children - another flock, a flapping, squawking mass of wings and feathers and sharp beaks, charged in and dove at Ash and his Pokemon.

"Pika," hissed Pikachu, already tired from its previous battles that day at Viridian.

"Misty," said Ash, taking charge of the situation, "send out some of your Pokemon!"

"I can't," she said, scared. "I don't have any."

"What? What's that supposed to mean? You have Staryu and Goldeen and -"

"Oh," she said, "oh yeah, I meant I left them back in Pallet."

"Great," groaned Ash. A bolder Spearow slammed into his shoulder, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

"Pika pikaaa!" shouted Pikachu, charging the bird, but it was a weak thundershock.

Before long, the four lay on the ground, the humans trying to protect their Pokemon - Togepi still crying - with all others recalled. Ash held his hands painfully over his head as a Fearow slammed into him, slashing him with its sharp beak. Another threw its body against him.

"Pika pi!" protested Pikachu, from beneath him, "PIKA PI!" It was trying to break free, but Ash would not let it.

Misty was not getting nearly as much of the onslaught, however she was beginning to feel the impact also.

"We can't... keep this... up," ground out Ash.

"I know," she choked, "if we could just... oh."

Ash was about to ask what she was going to say, but suddenly screamed as a Fearow drove a drill peck almost right through his leg. He closed his eyes, and could sense nothing but pain and flapping wings.

"Enough of this!" shouted Misty, "the charade's not worth it! Help us!"

It must have been what they were waiting for, because from the trees by the side, half a dozen figures - the ones who had been watching - leapt forward.

"Raichu," shouted one, in a familiar voice, "thunder!"

"Vaporeon," shouted another, also in a familiar voice, "ice beam!"

From behind Ash's closed eyelidss, the darkness went a sudden brilliant red, and then the flapping stopped.

"Chansey," ordered a third person, "please use your softboiled."

Ash felt the stabbing in his leg and body fade. With an effort, he lifted himself up. Pikachu dove out from under him, eyes angry, accusing and most of all, worried.

The girl recalled Chansey and took Togepi out of Misty's arms. The egg Pokemon instantly stopped crying. Ash looked up in bewilderment and choked at what he saw. Misty, standing painfully alongside six other girls. All similar ages. All redheads. All with the same ocean eyes.

All Misty.


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